Garrison Funnies

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Sunday

Today was my first real Sunday with my calling since I was gone last week. It was crazy. First of all there were 8 kids in each nursery, which is more than normal. In each nursery we have had about 5 kids show up each week which has been amazing. Secondly we didnt really have enough adults. So because of this I was walking back and forth between each nursery getting everything ready for them. Did I mention that each nursery is on opposite ends of the building. So here I am, 7 months along and waddling back and forth from each nursery for the first hour. It was crazy. Each nursery has a different schedule so that makes it a bit more crazy to try and keep up and make sure everyone has snacks (those are very important) make sure they have hand sanitizer, pages to color, crayons, the walking rope, music time instruments. It was a long first hour, but finally I was able to sit down and enjoy not walking. Garrison did really well which was surprising. He would cry when I left but every time that I came back he was happy and playing with a toy. They have called some new helpers to the nursery and I think they are great, so I am excited to get things moving along.

Dallin taught his first lesson today. I was only able to peak in and see him standing at the front of the classroom. He looked really good. Mom said the lesson was awesome. She said Dallin has a great way of tying thoughts together and has a very eloquent way of speaking. I think she said he is very good with the English language. Which is true, he has an amazing way of saying the most profound things, also very good at saying something with words I have never heard before. He is pretty smart =)

Last week we were in California and only attended Sacrament meeting. The two talks that were given were amazing. The first speaker was a man from Spain, he lived in the city where all the bull running takes place. He was soooo hard to understand. His accent was so thick! But I could still feel the spirit and I knew that he was bearing his testimony about the importance of missionary work. The second speaker was a young lady that was in her twenties. She has been diagnosed with a disease where you don't live to long. I can't remember what it is called, but she talked about it a little bit and she talked about judging others. She told a story about how when she was in highschool she didnt come in until 11, she then talked about everything she had to go through in the morning to make it to school. It sounded hard, frustrating and very discouraging. She said that when she got to school everyone told her how jealous they were of how late she got to go to school. No one knew what she went through every morning. She then told a story about how she was driving in her car and had to give herself some medicine with a needle. The lady in the car next to her was so disguisted with her and giving her the most awful looks. Basically her talk was about just helping others and not judging. So many times we jump to conclusions and that stops us from being able to truly see those in need and it stops us from helping them. It was a great sacrament meeting.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday writings

Today during Sacrament meeting I was inspired to start writing in my journal again. Mostly so that our children could read some of the inspirations and blessings we receive from the gospel. So the goal is every Sunday sit down and reflect on our week and what we learned in church.

Dallin and I were just giving callings in our ward. He was called as a Gospel Doctrine teacher and I was called as the Nursery Coordinator. We are both excited to finally have callings again. Dallin has been able to attend Sunday School since we moved into the ward and I have been helping Garrison get used to going to nursery. Its been a process, he loves being there but doesn't feel comfortable yet with being alone. So Dallin recently downloaded the Sunday School manual to his phone and has been answering and summing up some parts of the lesson on Sundays. This has impressed a great deal of people in the class and we think that might have something to do with him getting that calling.=) Obviously the Lord wanted his teaching and so that is why he got the calling but it was pretty funny when the member of the bishopric asked him to serve and also said we are just really impressed with your comments. Dallin does have really great insight on the gospel one of the many reasons why I feel madly in love with him. So I am really happy for him to have this calling because I think he will do a great job, I just hope that I will be able to make it to the class every now and then with my calling.

The ward recently split the nursery. A few weeks ago we have about 13 kids in the nursery and it was overwhelming. There are a handful of kids that really need 1 on 1 and there wasnt enough help in the nursery to give them that, so they decided to split it and it has been amazing since they did. I think its great for all of the kids because they actually get to sit down and play with a toy and not worry about someone coming over and stealing it from them. There are enough toys for to have their own and for the kids that needed 1 on 1, like Garrison its a much more chill environment and he is already more comfortable with it. So I am really happy with that. So I will start my calling in a couple of weeks and will report more on that later.

Sarah gave a talk today in Sacrament meeting and did a great job, the talk had a really great flow to it and you can tell that she really loves this gospel. Its always amazing to see your siblings bear their testimony and talk about the gospel. Her talk was about girls camp and the things she learned. I love girls camp and I am so happy that she enjoys it when she goes. I wish I could go with her. Maybe next year!

Brother Webster who is the 1st counselor in the bishopric spoke for a few minutes at the end of Sacrament meeting. He told a great story about farming=) He talked about when his family was growing corn and potatoes each in a different season. During the corn season their was some potatoes growing and his Dad told him to pull it because right now it is a weed. The potatoes just didnt belong their at that time. He went on to talk about timing, timing for dating, marriage, children, missions. Anything that is good in your life but if done at the wrong time is a weed. Like having children before marriage, although having children is a good thing it is not that right time before marriage. I loved the analogy, it really just made sense to me.

We were also set apart today for our new callings and I felt so blessed to have worthy members of the priesthood give me a blessing. It gave me strength to know that the Lord is very aware of me and my family and that he wants to bless us. I am so grateful for this gospel and the impact it has had on my life.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Garrisons New Bed

We moved Garrison upstairs to sleep in the extra bedroom in my moms house. We first started putting him in the pack n play. He has about 1 more inch before he is just to long for it. So the other day I put him on the couch just to see if we would be able to start sleeping in a bed and behave. So yesterday I put him on the couch again for a nap and he did great. Then last night when i was putting him to bed I asked him where he wanted to sleep. He grabbed his pillow and put it on the couch. So I let him sleep on the couch. I was sure that he would wake up in the middle of the night, but he slept all the way through the night. When Dallin went to pick him up this morning he was laying on the floor between the couch and the pack n play. So I am not sure how long he was sleeping on the floor but he didnt seem to mind. The best part is even though he can get up and move around he stays right where he is until we come and get him. He is a funny boy!

Good bye Dell and Discover forever!!!!

This post is mostly for us since this is our journal/scrap book, but I just wanted to document that today Dallin and I paid off our last 2 credit cards and now all we have left is our truck!!!We can have our truck paid off in 1 year and that is still being able to save money to buy another car! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. I have obsessed over paying off debt for the past few months and I am so grateful that Dallin has a good job and that we were able to pay it off!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fall

Garrison fell down my moms stairs on saturday. It was a pretty traumatic thing to those of you who have ever heard your child fall down their stairs, it pretty much makes your heart stop. The really hard part is that she has wooden stairs. He was trying to give Dallin a shoe, not sure why, but toppled down to the bottom of the stairs and bit through his lip. Luckily it wasn't bad enough to go through the hospital and get stiches. Although he did bite all the way through from the inside of his mouth to the outside. He has a little bit mark just underneath his bottom lip and a big ol' fatty lip on the inside. Both are healing very good. He lets me put "medicine" (antibiotic ointment) on it every couple of hours, so hopefully it heals well, you can't see the wound unless he leans his head back. So we were very blessed, now he has to walk down the stairs with someone.

Other than the fall we had a great 4th of July. We all got to sleep in til 9:30 almost 10. Garrison is a great little sleeper! We had a yummy breakfast with eggs, hashbrowns, apple cinnamon rolls and bacon! We went for a nice long walk and Garrison got to play on the playground, then we went swimming and Garrison was excited but freaked out at the same time. He had a super grip on me the whole time in the pool. So needless to say he got another night of great sleep! About 12-13 hours. Now as I type this he is sitting in the kitchen eating and evey few minutes he will shout, "MOM!! BLUE"(meaning blueberries), or "MOM!!! MILK!!!!" He is such an amazing and funny kid and is talking all the time. He can put two or three words together and say things like Mom Help ME, sometimes he adds a please in their. He is learning the alphabet and can point out each letter. He can count to 3. I just can't believe how quickly they grow up.

He loves to help. He would wash all the dishes, sweep the floor and do the laundry if he was a bit bigger. He also loves to help in the garden. We will walk around it and look at all the plants growing and he walks right to the pees, and says, "NUM NUM!" and will grab a little pee pod and eat it. He would eat all of the if I let him.