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Monday, January 30, 2012

Their first matching outfits!

Dallin hates that they have Tigers on their bums! I love it!! haha

Tariens Hard Life

Tarien had a hard first few months of his life. He had jaundice when he was born and they told me to give him formula to help get rid of it. Well I started giving him a bottle of formula every night to help with the jaundice and also to see if he would sleep longer during the night. Well pretty soon I was feeding him formula for every meal. Looking back I dont know why I did that. He started to get really fussy and I think I thought that he couldnt handle breastmilk. We tried all sorts of different formulas. We thought that he was like Dallin when he was a baby. Dallin was just mad all the time and had to eventually drink soy milk.

After much experimentation with different formula and different colic pills and herbal remedies. I finally realized that Tarien had never just had breast milk. I realized that I need to try that again. So I had to pretty much start all over because I was only pumping twice a day, so I had to build it all back up again. Very frustrating!! He was eating like every hour so I could get my supply back up. The other problem that Tarien had was that he would go about 5-6 days without pooping. Now this was when he was drinking formula and breastmilk. I knew it was ok to go a few days without pooping when they are just drinking breastmilk, but not formula, he should be going lots of times during the day. Well the doctor thought that maybe he had reflux so we got him some medication for that and it helped for about 3 days and then he went right back to where he was.

The day before we flew to Portland for Christmas he has THE WORST DAY of his life! I kid you not. We almost cancelled our whole trip, because I did not want to travel with him. Well my mom told me to try a Chiropractor. Luckily someone cancelled their appointment and we were able to get Tarien in at about 5 o clock in the evening and I was at work and had luckily left my phone in the car and Dallin saw that they called. So he had to take both kids to the chiropractor, with Tarien screaming and starving. It was awful. But the Chiropractor said that he couldnt turn his head all the way to one side. So he readjusted Tarien.

Now as a side note, we had been rocking him to sleep every night and for every nap because he would get so mad and upset that he couldnt calm down to fall asleep on his own. Well the night after the Chiropractor Tarien slept all night! Then we woke him up got him in his car seat and headed to the airport. He slept the whole way to the airport through security. I had to take him out of his car seat for that. Then he slept the whole way to Boise on the plane. We had to stop in Boise before we headed to Portland. He woke up in Boise and I fed him, then as soon as we walked on the plane to fly to Portland he fell asleep again and didnt wake up until we got off the plane. Amazing!!!! This was truly a miracle. The Lord was watching over us. Well we made the trip!
He started pooping about 3 -4 times a day with blow outs and everything! Sometimes I regret wishing that he could poop, because this kid can POOP! He also sleeps though the night! We brought him back to the chiropractor after our trip, he got readjusted again and has been doing great. This picture above is from the first time he fell asleep on his own. And he goes to bed on his own now! Its amazing! What a difference it makes for mommy and Tarien and the whole family! I sure do love this little guy and i am so grateful that we were able to finally figure out what he needed to be happy!

Tarien Smiling

I love this little boy!

Dallin drew this picture of Tarien while he was at work. Its a pretty dang good drawing.
Photo: tarien at work