Garrison Funnies

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lots of Pictures! Big Catch Up!

Garrison playing after his field trip to the firestation.

We went to a concert by the BYU vocal point. It was awesome. Garrison had a great time!
Garrison was dancing to the music while we were eating dinner in a restaurant.

This boy loves to vacuum! I love it!

These boys love to put on sunglasses.

Garrison all tuckered out after a fun afternoon of playing.

We had to take a trip to the doctors because Garrison got croup. He really enjoyed the medicine. They gave him s steriod and put herseys syrup on top of it. he kept asking for more medicine. =)
We were trying to take a cute family picture.
We got to stay at grandmas house for a week while Dallin went out to Corvallis to spend time with his Dad. Garrison took a nap with Grandma after church.
Tarien loves this stuffed animal of a monkey that he got from Brent. He LOVES IT!

Tarien also likes to walk around with the nerf. He points it right in his eye. Luckily he doesnt know how to shoot it right now.

Grandma is blowing bubbles. The kids love it!

Tarien loves his uncle Andy. I thought it was cute that he put his hand on his knee.
Loves to snuggle.
Snow for Christmas!

Tarien loves to play with our phones. He also likes to  call people from our phones....

SO tired. Tarien also got croup. December was a hard sick month for us.
Garrisons first day of Primary! He loved it!

Garrison fell and hit his head. It looks really painful.

They love boxes.
Aunt Misty played playdough with the boys. They loved it.

Tarien loves cookies. He knows right away when I am making cookies. Its like he can smell the sugar.

The boys were putting up a curtain rod for me.
Garrison and I have been getting all bundled up to shovel all the snow that we have been getting.

Tarien loves to wear shoes. He also likes to make everyone else wear shoes.

Did I mention that he likes nerf guns? Well he really likes them. Alot!