Garrison Funnies

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July - December

4th of July. That boy loves to be naked!

We went to the splash pad for the 24th of July and then got some ice cream from Artic circle.

My mom got tickets to the rodeo. We rode the train up which was fun but a little scary because we didn't know what we were doing and got off the train in a questionable area. We sat right above the bulls. It was super smelly but it was a fun free trip!

 The boys got a bunk bed. I got it from a garage sale for $10! Then we painted it blue!

 Tarien is the best little worker ever! He knows exactly where all of Dallins tools are. Anytime we work on a project He runs upstairs and gets his tool belt on. Then he runs into the garage and gets Dallins drill gun.

They love their new blue bunkbed!
 I found this table at a yard sale for $5. It was counter height so I cut the legs down and it fits right in this little corner. The boys can do any crafts at this table. I love that they can get this table all dirty and the kitchen table can stay clean and clutter free!

 I planted these lillies the year before and they are doing great! I love how pretty they are. I wish they could stay in bloom all year. They remind me of my Grandma MacDougall.

Garrisons 4th Birthday

 He has been asking for a fishing rod since he went fishing with his grandpa Bird. He was super excited!

This was his first birthday party with friends. We had a pirate birthday party for Garrison and Tarien.
First day of preschool! He loves it!