Garrison Funnies

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2014

 The boys love to play with boxes and cardboard, when they discovered these Styrofoam suits in a box they were so happy! They had swords and used the suits as body armor.

 Last year of Nursery. He loves it!
 My CTR 4. Times goes by to fast. He was just in nursery.
 The boys discovered that they like taking showers.
 They got a train table for Christmas and play with it everyday!
 Tarien enjoys making silly faces.
 Garrison also enjoys making silly faces.

 This boy is so cute!

 Garrison has his tool belt and ear mufflers on. There were making a pinewood derby for Garrison
 Then Garrison got to paint it and of course Tarien had to paint something too.
 He made a blue bulldozer and got to race it at the end of the pinewood derby. He actually won a race too!