Garrison Funnies

Sunday, February 2, 2014


This month has been crazy because I have been preparing for the blue and gold banquet. It was safari themed. It turned out really fun and crazy!

 These boys love to climb the daddy mountain.

 They also love taking baths with goggles.

 Tarien tried using the toilet for the first time.
 Tarien loves his Uncle Jake. He loves to snuggle, wrestle and climb all over him.

 We went to the high school to watch some of the young woman in the ward  perform with their flag group. The boys got to try it out too.

 Tarien started snuggling with daddy with his head up.
 Then it got lower....
 And lower....
 Dallin surprised me with flowers.
 Of course the best way to watch a movie is to sit on Grandma!
 Dallin also surprised me with a new bedroom set. We used to have just a bed frame with drawers under it. We had to many clothes and the room was always dirty. So I found this bedroom set online and I begged Dallin to get it. He told me that it was to much so I had to call the lady and tell her that we couldn't buy it. Well I went about my day, I had scout meetings and then I had to go shopping for scouts. When I finally came to bed that night I was surprised with the bedroom set. It was one of the best surprises ever!
 We decorated the boys room for valentines day. They thought it was a car wash.
 This is a pretty normal day in our house dressing up like super heros.

 We got to go to a court of honor and they had a real eagle there. It was pretty exciting.

 This boy loves to dress up.

 This boy falls asleep in crazy positions.

 I am the cubmaster in our ward and that means I get to plan all the pack meetings. This was the invitation for our survivor themed blue and gold banquet.

Aunt Marilee loves playing with the boys in her play room. 
They love helping with projects around the house. Of course they have to get dressed up to help. =)