Garrison Funnies

Friday, May 2, 2014

Kaiden is 1 month!

 The boys wanted to go see the temple. I love living close to temples so that we can just go look at them whenever we want.
And of course I had to stick this picture in here. =)

We made it on time to church today! 

Breakfast pizza! Pancake for crust, jam or peanut butter for sauce, shredded coconut for "cheese" and fruit for toppings. Super yummy! 

Cutest little person I have ever seen! Oh my goodness! 

Kaiden loves grandma bird. She was the only one who could get him to smile :-) 

I bought some new avenger bandaids in Idaho and made the mistake of telling the boys.

All day they keep telling me they have bonks and need bandaids. I told them they have to be bleeding to get a bandaid. So now they say I have a bleed so I need a bandaid. 

Well after dallins Frisbee game tonight tarien fell headfirst out of the car. The only thing that made him stop crying was when I said, would you like a bandaid. 

Now Garrison is wearing one because tarien is.