Garrison Funnies

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kaiden is 3 months!!!

Kaiden is 3 months!

Guess who got hand and foot?!?!?!?!?Garrisons arms and legs and feet 

Jake and Tiffany helped me with the tomatoes in our garden. Jake - here is that tomato plant. It is rooting and has some fruit on it. We broke this one off put it in water and it started growing fruit on it. 

I made the mistake of letting Garrison watch tornadoes on you tube. He has been asking me questions for the past half hour about whether a tornado is going to come tonight. He also told me to tell him if one does and reassured me that if a tornado comes on his side of the house he will let me know. I hate tornadoes! 7-20-14

Made watermelon cake with luddy. It was delicious! SOOO Good!

Our trip to the first Otteson Family reunion

We camped at Heise. It was our first time camping with Kaiden.

Ryan and Adrienne come to visit!