Garrison Funnies

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kaiden is 8 months!

This boy is 8 months. Can you believe I have to hang with this cutie all day?

Now you see them......

Now you dont!!!

This boy sure looks like Kaiden to me.

Our ward Christmas Party Tarien didnt want to sit with Santa

Our kitchen flooded and was totally remodeled. We love it so far!

We finally sat down and took pictures of us all dressed up on Sunday. Now we just need to try and get Dallin in one of the pictures. 

This year the boys and I with my mom and Dick went out into the woods in the mountains and cut down a tree. It is very Charlie Brownish. =)

Christmas was great this year. The kids enjoyed and appreciated each present. They opened their first present and played with it for about 20 mins. Tarien kept saying, this is what I always wanted! 

Christmas Dinner at Grandmas

My B E A utiful kitchen Christmas Morning!

T: (chanting) give me chili,give me chili.
Me: how come you want chili?
T: Because I am almost ready to poop.
Me: ummm

We started reading the book of Mormon as a family and the kids have been pretty motivated to read so we can do the activity at the end of each book. 
Instead of skating we went to a bouncy house. So garrison says we bounced away from jerusalem. 
Book of Mormon reading chart! This looks fun and motivating for the kiddos!: