Garrison Funnies

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kaiden is 11 months!

This baby is 11 months!

Painting the cars. Dallin hasn't cut tariens yet and I said do you like your car, he had a scowl and he nodded and said yes but it's not made yet. 

This is tariens cubscouts outfit. He just got done telling me that he needed to be to cubscouts at 830 but he doesn't know how to drive.  Tarien told me he has scouts every morning. I hope he still enjoys it when it is finally his turn. 

He is all ready for his nursery meeting. 

Tarien has been getting croup alot lately. Everytime the temperature changes then he gets croup and the weather has been changing quite a bit. They give him some steroids and it helps the swelling in his throat go down. 

Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby awards. Each medal took me about 20-30 mins each to do. The boys really liked them 😀I started working on them about month before the Pinewood Derby.