Garrison Funnies

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015

Kaiden loves his firetruck. He pushes and rides it all over the house 😀

Got my makeup done for our 7 year anniversary! She sure took a creepy before picture 😀

I think this baby boy is teething. He has been carrying his blanket and Elmo around all day snuggling with both. 

Birthday fun! Waffles in bed. Swimming lessons, watching dad play Frisbee, cereal for dinner and opening presents and of course playing in the big box the present was in. 

A Tarien funny:
T:Mom, diarrhea always makes me play Frisbee with dad. It's true. 

Tarien thought it was a good idea to use his camp chair at the table. Kaiden was not sure about the roasted marshmallows. 

Superhero party. Tarien couldn't bounce on the bouncy ball. They thought it was awesome to sit on a real motorcycle. 

Happy Father's day! Fresh squeezed orange juice with French toast waffles 😀

i did it! I am super nervous. I am hoping though to run it in 3 hours. haha