Garrison Funnies

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Conference fun. I found this conference board idea on pinterest. The kids did an awesome job listening. Each time they put a topic on the board they got one treat. Like one piece of popcorn. So not to much but enough to motivate them to listen. Then they spent most of their time building a temple with all of our Legos. Great conference! 

The first one the boys and I made today during first session and the second one they made during the second session with daddy. 

This has been my 5th field trip to the fire station. Tarien had a great time.

playground by the fire station

We went to the zoo with our good family friends the Hollingsworth. The kids had a blast except when I had to take a picture of Kaiden =)

Sarahs 20th bday. We went to Texas Roadhouse

Garrison got to play basketball this fall and he loved it! His first goal he ever made was on his own tams net. It was amazing basket even though it was in the wrong one. Garrisons first basketball game. He absolutely loves it. Everyday he asks if he has a basketball game

Gretchen said, " 
I always look that good when pushing a swing too!" Dallin does look really good =)

The boys got to be missionaries today. Tarien was being a stinker and wouldn't smile.

Kaiden likes to watch the sunrise. It is beautiful.

Cutting pumpkins with Grandpa. They designed and cut their own pumpkins this year. They did a great job and those little pumpkin carving kits work really well. I can't believe I waited this long before we used one.

This year the boys were Captain America and Batman. After they get all their candy I let them pick their favorite piece of candy and then I give them the option to keep their candy or trade it in for a toy. This is our 2nd year doing it and so far they have chosen the toy.  Dallin and I each wore our highschool jacket and I pretended that we were highschool sweethearts.  
The boys traded in all their candy for toys. Garrison got a new bow and arrow set and Tarien got a new transformer heatwave. They have both said thank you multiple times for these cool toys and how happy they are that they did chores so they could go trick or treating to earn the candy to trade in. For just a few short mins all is well in the bird house. Ahhhhhh

Garrisons Kindergarten pictures! You can download it and show it to people. I printed out enough to send to grandparents. This kid is so cute! 

His first ever ride on a school bus. His class went on a field trip and I got to go with him.