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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Break Adventures July 2017

After the Ottesson Reunion and the Bird reunion we were able to have Savanah and Caleb stay with us for a couple weeks. We had a blast with them. We went to Pizza Pie Cafe after a fun day of swimming and got our faces painted. The lady that painted our faces was fast and amazing.

We went to the aqarium and learned alot of things about pirannahs and a anacondas and sharks. Pirannahs are not like Hollywood makes them out to be. They only eat eat like they do in movies when they are starving and they would never eat a human unless they were starving and even then it is rare. They are rarely hungry because their is always food to eat in the rivers they live in. Anacondas only eat once a year! That is crazy and its something like a hippo or cow when it eats, then it slowly digests it for the next year but at the aqarium they feed it a guinea pig once a week. Then we watched the sharks eat and they talked about how they trained the sharks to eat from different areas of the tank. They said sharks are really intelligent and are really trainable. The trainers also said that more people die from bears, cougars and other animals put together than they do from sharks per year! That just blew Caleb and I away! We watches a 4D movie and the kids really that too.

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We went swimming alot. The kids would take care of Kaiden when I wasn't swimming. They all played together in the water so well.

The only way to eat a watermelon

We started watching America Ninja Warrior while the kids were in Utah and while we watched it all the kids decided to exercise. Tarien would jump all over from the bed to couch and back and forth. He would also climb along the edge of the fireplace.

We went back to HIghland Glen Park the next day. These kids could play in the sand and water for hours. They work so well together to when playing in the sand. They built a milk factory and made chocolate milk from the water and sand. I am super grateful they didnt ask me to taste it =)

We headed out to Oregon earlier than we planned due to Grandma Rees husband passing away. We wanted to be there for her because she didnt think any of her family would be. It was a great surprise to her and she really loved and appreciated that we were there.

This was our stop at Carls Jr before we left utah. We also go to see Tad and Cara before we left which was a wonderful surprise. I didnt think we would be able to see them and we were able to sneak in an hour before we had to leave.

Kaiden is going to be the next American Ninja Warrior!

We stopped in Lakeview and there was a public pool right by where we had lunch. So we thought we would tire these kids out by swimming. I think it worked =)

This was a mysterious seed that appeared on our table after we were all done eating. No one knows where it came from. We only had cuties and no peaches. It was a fun mystery for all of us.

I love how Kaiden is resting his arm on Dallins shoulder.

Next we stopped by Crater Lake. It was absolutely gorgeous! We spent most of the time with me trying to find the bathroom and all the drama that caused. Then we went down to the information center and learned a little bit about it and then took this picture and left. We ate lunch here and watched as the birds ate all the chips we left on the ground. We left right after Tarien decided to walk down the hill towards the lake. He scared Dallin and I both really good. He had to sit on the sidewalk after and hold our hands anytime we were standing or walking.

This is Grandma Rees neighbor. Dallin really liked their name.

After the funeral with Marie. She was so happy to have her "Bird family" there. Only her daughter and sister came, none of John's children came to their dad's funeral. Marie gave the life sketch and did a great job. Caleb said this was exactly how he wants his funeral to be: short (40 minutes!), quiet, and good food afterwards. Marie was extra happy that Dallin had shaved, and made that part of her introductions whenever possible. 😄

Fun at the river in the campground Monday night. The campsite was called Valley of Rogue and it was beautiful!

After camping and the funeral we made our way up to Corvallis to spend a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Birds house before we went to Seattle.

On our way up to Seattle we stopped at this really fun park and I tried getting dallin and Kaiden to do some Ninja Warrior moves.

We finally made it to Seattle
Dallin let Snickers snuggle one time with him and then after that Snickers just needed to be with him all the time. He was trying so hard to sit on Dallins foot here in this picture.

We went to this yummy  Burger Joint right by Ryan and Adriennes house. Dallin said it was the best burger he has ever had. It had onion rings and a fried egg. It was good!

Then Dallin and I left for Los Angelos the Monday after we arrived and these are pictures of what the kids did during cousin week.

Garrison said his favorite part the river. The river had these logs that were in the water and he made it so the water could go around the logs.

Garrison was in a time out, so we made him balance this log in his back, since there was no good time out spot. The log photo bombed this picture.