Garrison Funnies

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November was great!

 Love this cute little kid.
 I felt like he was capable to ride the trails so I took Tarien and Kaiden. The loved it.

 He was so proud of this picture for his Uncle Andy.

 I finally got to go to Harry Potter World! This was something I finally got to check off my Bucket list! It was so amazing and I can't wait until I get to take my kids here after we read the books together!!
 This was my lunch we ate at the three broomsticks.

 This is the owlery

 These broomsticks were flying!!!

 This is the book that Hagrid assigns the 3rd years in the 3rd movie. It tried to bite us!

 Its Doc from Back to the Future

 This is me before the Harry Potter and the Forbidden ride took off. It was sooooo amazing!!!

This was a really fun waterworld reenactment

I can see the castle from the parking garage!!!
 These are the donuts from the simpsons. It was delicious!

 We made it to the beach for about 10 mins before the sun finally set behind the ocean.
 Garrison wrote this letter to Uncle Andy for Veterans day.
 Tarien made this thankful hand for Thanksgiving at preschool.

 Garrisons first play. The three little pigs. He did a great job.

 This was a great day. I picked them up from school and they were both so sweet to each other and I just loved spending time with them.
 This is Garrisons paper he wrote for Thanksgiving. It was great.

 We went to Vegas and hung out with Andy and Luddy. Luddy and I went to a concert while Andy watched all the kids. It was super fun and I am so glad we got to see them.

 We took Garrison out of school early so that he could spend time with the family before Dallin left on a another big trip for work. He went to Poland for a week and we missed him like crazy.
 Everytime Kaiden sees the VW logo he yells, DADS CAR!!" Mom I see DADS CAR!!!!
 We had a huge snow storm after Thanksgiving and Kaiden got out in the snow for the first time. He liked it.