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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dallins Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dallin!!!
This present

No fork needed!

This is my third time making this cake. Its a big oreo cake and it would have been perfect except for the top cake wasn't flat so it split in like 4 places. It was sad, but it sure tasted good =)

The shirt says," Hedgehogs, why dont they just share the Hedge?" Then the hedge hog says, "No"

3 Year Anniversary

This is the hotel that we stayed at. We stayed on the 2nd floor. The farthest window to the right. It was the corner suite, so we could look out from both sides to see down town Salt Lake.
This is the grand stair case. The hotel is the only one registered as a historic hotel. It was beautiful!
This is the bed!!! It was amazing. A king size temperpedic mattress. I looked up home much one costs when we got home, its only $2499 a days wage right?? Oh man. It was amazing to sleep on. I loved it!!
This is the only picture I got of us on our anniversary and its the day after we looked so good when we had gotten all dressed up. I wish I would have taken a picture then.

Anniversary Details

Dallin got all dressed up Monday morning to head for work and I was really amazed. He is allowed to wear anything to work so dressing up is a pretty big deal. He just told me to be dressed up and look nice when he got home. This was the day before our anniversary.

So I spent all day getting ready, how cute can you look when you are pregnant and feel fat? But I did my best. He finally made it home at about 6:30 and we headed out to dinner. I had no idea what he was planning other than eating food. As we drove we kept passing exits that had all the food and I was trying to figure out where on earth he was going. Finally I asked how much further because I was so hungry. He said another 20 mins. So I knew that we were going to Salt Lake. We made it to Salt Lake and parked and we went to the Macaroni Grill ordered our food. I got a yummy steak and Dallin got the mama trio, which had lasagna, chicken Parmesan and some type of manicotti. They were all good but the chicken Parmesan was AMAZING!! While we ate he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie, so I thought that we would just head home after and watch a movie or maybe go to the movies. I also didn't think we were doing anything else because all we had were the clothes that we wore out to eat.

So we swap presents. He was really excited to give me mine. I noticed that he wasn't wearing his wedding ring and I asked him about it and he changed the subject, so I thought that he was giving me a card with his ring in it and some poem that he wrote. I bought him a nice watch so that he could play frisbee and know when it was time to come home =)

He handed me the card and the ring wasn't in it, because it was flat. So i opened the card and a little gift card fell out. I didn't pay much attention to the gift card because I thought it was such a strange gift for Dallin to give me. So I read the note on the card and then finally looked at the gift card, which I thought was to buy baby clothes or something like that. When I finally looked at it I realized it wasn't a gift card at all. It was a hotel key!!! I couldn't believe it! He then told me that he had taken the next day off. I was so surprised, so I asked where the hotel was and it was right above the restaurant, and the cool part about booking there was that they gave you money for your dinner. So that paid for our dinner!! That was awesome!

We went upstairs and checked out our hotel room. I absolutely loved the bed!! It was awesome. They had sparkling cider with chocolates and glasses on the table when you first walk in. We went and laid on the bed and I kept asking Dallin what we were going to do about the truck because we parked it in the 5 hour parking and it would be towed if we didn't move it. So after a few minutes of laying on the bed we went down to the lobby and looked around. Talked to the people that worked there and the package that Dallin paid for included valet parking! So that was really fun. It was our first time experiencing that! Then we looked outside and their was a horse and carriage outside the front door. I saw Dallin walking towards it and I reminded him that to ride in one of those you had to pay for it. Well the lady asked us what are names where and Dallin said "Bird" The lady said "hop on it." I was so shocked! I had never done anything like that before. So she took us all around downtown Salt Lake it was about 9:00 so there was a little bit of light outside, but also all the lights were on in the city and it was beautiful! Our horses name was Bob and he got really excited when he knew that we were walking towards where all his other horse friends were, but when we started going the other direction he got real sad. It was such a nice night! I loved the carriage ride, they lady told us all about the history of the buildings and other fun facts. We got to pet the horse after the ride.

The next day we slept in which was super nice! Sarah got to spend all day with Garrison. We went to IHOP, then we went and saw KungFu Panda 2, which was really cute. We then went to a park by my moms house and laid on a blanket reminiscing. It was such an amazing time. We threw the frisbee around for a little bit then finally headed back home and spent the rest of the day playing with Garrison.

I love Dallin. I am so impressed with all the effort that he put into the anniversary and without me finding out. He is my best friend and I am so grateful that I not only get to spend this life with him, but also eternity! He is an amazing father to Garrison and a great husband to me. I love you Dallin. Happy Anniversary, Birthday and Fathers Day!

Baby boy # 2 due in October!

Yup its a boy! We both thought we were having a girl, but I guess if you compare pregnancies this one is exactly like Garrisons. Its super easy. So that is a huge blessing. I hope he doesn't get embarrassed by this picture when he gets older. We don't have any idea for a name yet.
Here is his cute profile. He looks a lot like Garrison! We are excited that Garrison will have a little brother to play with!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultrasound Appointment June 3 at 2:00

We are finally finding out what we are having tomorrow. It seems like everyone I know is having a baby the same time as me and everyone has already found out what they are having. I decided that if its a girl then I am going to stop by target and buy a pink tutu bathing suit. The same one that I got for Cara's girls. They are sooo cute!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011