Garrison Funnies

Friday, September 30, 2016

September To Remember

Haircuts at cookie Cutters to get us ready for the school year!!
 Look how much hair Tarien had on his head. They are so fast at cutting their hair and so good that it makes me want to keep spending the money instead of learning how to do it =)
This boy is to handsome for his own good!
 Look at that mop on his head!!!
 Look how much better! I love it! He is such a stud!

Kaiden found some homemade jam to finish up. My mom (mostly her) I did help but we canned peaches and made peach jam.

 He was waiting patiently outside of nursery for his dad to stop talking and walk him in. Just a cute boy in his water shoes. I am pretty sure we couldnt find shoes but then again he might have decided to wear these. This one is pretty stubborn when it comes to things that dont really matter =)
 We got a trampoline and it has been wonderful. The kids love it and they all play so well out there together. Its not very often that Daddy has time to just jump with them. They love it!I can't believe that I jumped on a trampoline growing up without an enclosure. I have watched my kids jump on one at a relatives house without an enclosure and I am pretty sure I had multiple tiny heartattacks watching them run near the edge of the tramp.

 Tariens first soccer practice. He kept trying to slide and kick the ball and his partner who is the coaches daughter was getting a little annoyed with him. hehe.

 Tarien had 4 cavities and he did so well with the first two that they decided to do all 4. Only problem was that all 4 were on the bottom of his mouth so his bottom lip was completely numb. He kept sucking it into his mouth and bitting it. I didnt realize what he was doing until later on in the day. So he had a huge sore lip and he told me he never wants caviites again!!!
 Tarien is getting really into drawing. Look at this awesome batman that he drew. I will watch him doodle all day long and I can always find Kaiden sitting right next to Tarien drawing too =)
 Tariens first soccer game. He is an amazing runner! He can pass all the kids on the field it is amazing to watch!

 He was also the only kid to tuck in his own jersey =) He was so happy to have a soccer uniform.

 Look at that running form! It is perfect!

 Haircut day!! Look at that moppppp!!!

 Birthday party for Isaac. We had a great time with Tony and Lindsey and all their friends. Tarien loved trying to get the donut.

 Someone had my phone and was taking some interesting videos and pictures. They took a video of Eric walking.
Kaiden is one of the best helpers I know. He saw Grandpa bringing in the garbage and ran outside yelling, " I HELP Papa?!?!? I Help!?!?!?
 I can't think of a more comfortable spot to sleep that face down on the floor.
 Tarien was really proud of what he made with the legos. This kid is really great with legos. He can build things without even looking at the legos. It amazes me.
 Preparations for Garrisons 7th Birhday. We stayed up until 1am doing the train tracks and hanging up streamers and putting balloons in the their door. About 10 mins after we laid down I heard some wimpering in the boys room. I ran over to the room and Garrison was dancing around ready to pee but he didnt dare break the streamers. So I tore them down and helped him to the bathroom. Then after he went to bed I fixed the door again. I always forget to have them go to the bathroom the night before their birthday.

 He chose Pizza Pie Cafe for his bday dinner. He loves that plate. He can down 2 -3 bowls of pasta before he is close to being full. He got Legos, lego tshirt, The Great Mouse Detective and of course a weapon.

 These are all of the Lego sets he got for his birthday.

 Uncle Jake came over and played with the boys. They always love playing with him.

 This baby boy got sick.

 The deer just stood in the middle of the road. He made no attempt to get out of my way as I was driving down the road.
 My sweet Kaiden decided to draw all over Grandmas white couch. I have yet to figure out how to get it out.
 My handsome boy has an infection in his eye. I didnt tell him to pout, he just naturally knew what to do here.
 First time going potty in the toilet. I gave him lots of candy after he did it. I first poured warm water on his guy. Then he put each foot in the warm water and told him to push and the pee came out right away!

 Oh man. This spider was huge. I was in flip flops. He gave me the heebie jeebies.
 Watching a movie with Uncle Jake and Aunt Misty. My kids love them.

Fun Run at Alpine Elementary. Tarien and I ran/walked 1 time around which was a 1/2 mile. 

 Garrison ran around 3 times. I was so proud of him. I knew he was tired but he decided to run that last lap.

 I love the theme for the year at the school. I am Strong!! I can do Hard things!!!

 These guys will sneak drawing in anywhere they can. Sneaking it in a the stake center before the lady came and took away the markers.
 Tariens 5th Birthday. This time I remembered to have everyone go potty before bedtime and everyone slept through the night!!
 Breakfast at ChickFilA. He also got an ice cream cone from them.
 Grandma and Tarien headed to the store to get his bday presesnt. Starwars legos.
 I had my last volleyball game of the season on his bday. I really wanted to be home but I also couldn't miss the game. Unfortunately he got sick and was throwing up but Grandma was there to snuggle and take care of him. The only thing that made him happy was opening more presents.  This boy got legos, The show Gummi Bears and of course weapons!

 Kaiden got to show off Tariens ninja Turtle weapons for us.

 The only thing Tarien wanted on his bday were the cinnamon and sugar chips from Taco Time. He couldnt eat any so we put them all in a bag and he ate them a few days later once he was feeling better.

 One of my most favorite people had a birthday right after Tariens bday.
 Christina is another of my most favorite people. Her smile just always make me smile.