Garrison Funnies

Saturday, December 1, 2012


This year Grandpa Bird had heart surgery so Dallin  flew out to help him. He flew home on Christmas Eve. 



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Portland Childrens Museum

We went to the Childrens Museum in Portland while we were visiting Joe and Leah and Dallins family came up to see us. This is the coolest place I had ever seen. The kids had so much fun. In fact when it was time to go 4 hours later they were ok with it because they were all so pooped out. I wish they had more places like this closer to us. We would go a lot! It was such an aweome hands on museum.

 Tarien loved the water. He was soaking wet after this.

 In this big tub you could build little dams and create streams and just water do it thing. It was awesome. I could have stayed in here all day, but I am glad I didnt because there were so many other cool things.

 The huge rubber pit. They had huge construction trucks and excavators and shovels. Garrison was in HEAVEN!

 I think this was my favorite. If it would have been a even more amazing had there not been a hundred people in here but it was still awesome. When we were over playing with the water I looked through these windows and thought, oh that is cool they have a little cafe, but then upon further inspection I realized that adults were sitting at the counter and the kids were serving them. It was a huge kitchen/grocery check out/cafe! It was awesome! Here is garrison checking out his cart and he is swiping the food across the checker and it beeps and gives you a total and everything. I loved it!


 Garrison loves his cousin Naomi. He tells me almost everyday, "Mom, remember when we saw Maomi? Remember mom?" He had a really good time playing with her. They pretty much played puzzles and danced the whole time. Garrison loves dancing!

We came out to see Joe and his family and I didnt take any pictures. That was really silly but I did get some good video of the kids dancing. Little Anthony is a cutie!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baker City Park

Baker city is one of our most favorite places to stop but not very often do we have some time to play their. This is a really cool park. I think it is also the park that Aunt Tiffany got engaged at.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Tarien just thinks he is such a big boy now that he is walking!

These are the cute clothes that Grandma Bird sent us. Tarien got to be a pumpkin for Halloween!

 Garrison and his good friend from down the street. His friend was a dump truck and he was a bulldozer.
 Our first Halloween where we both got to take the kids trick or treating. It was really fun!