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Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015

These boys are adorable!

The boys got new ties. Tarien loves church. I think he would love it everyday was Sunday! 

This was taken a my moms reception in Utah.

Mothers day Race in Kanab. It was cold and rainy that day. It was a beautiful run. Just wish the sun would have been out. Mother's day 10 K in Kanab. It was the coldest weather they have had in 10 years. Rain and snow. Lots of fun though. 

When Tarien saw this picture he said, "WHAT? THERE ARE TWO KATIES???" I came in 10th for my age and my mom came in 4th for her age group. Pretty awesome!

The ride up to the race

We rove out to California for a week to spend time with Dallins family.  This time we drove across the state instead of up through Portland. This is our stop in Burns.

My birthday cake My mom made berry crisp, shortcake from and then my friend Laura White made these yummy pineapple cheesecake shortbread bars. So yummy. This was a fantastic birthday. Dallin planned it and invited all of my closer friends and Laura made my favorite dinner some steak tacos they were so yummy!

We made it down to the Payson temple open house
Payson temple. Tarien was so excited that the temple was open he just ran ahead to get in. Garrison said he felt great when he was inside of the temple. It is a gorgeous temple. And the boys did not want to cooperate and take a family picture. Oh well. 

Dallins Ultimate Game - Kaiden loves being apart of dallins ultimate team. 

I booby trapped my flower bed. There are about 50-70 forks sticking up through the mulch. This is to keep the cats out so they dont poop in the flower bed.

There is a brand new hospital about 5 mins away. They had an open house and Garrison was so excited he got to sit inside a real helicopter. At this hospital in the labor and delivery you stay the whole time in the same room that you have the baby in. The rooms are HUGE! 

Garrisons last soccer game of the season. The redhead is his friend Lucas. Lucas scored at least 5-10 goals a game. He is amazing. I think Lucas will be a midfielder and Garrison will be a defender 😀

This boy and his accessories 😁