Garrison Funnies

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kaiden is 7 months!

7 months old and happy as can be. He will eat you out of house and home though! 

Joy school field trip. They opened up early for our group and let the kids make pineapple ice. It was so yummy. 

Tarien singing I am a child of God. 
"grandma is a child of God and I sent her here and gave me a trophy. "
We read about Lehi s vision tonight. I asked Garrison if he wanted to be in the building or to eat the fruit. He said he would eat the fruit. Tarien said he wanted to be in the building. I told him that the building breaks and falls down. He said that's OK I will just fix it. ...... Oh boy..... 
Tariens prayer tonight. 
Heavenly Father thank you for aunt Sarah and me. Thank you for my turn to say the prayer and thank you for letting Garrison have a turn and thank you for letting me sit in garrisons seat. And thank you for letting me push buttons even though my mom says no. Jesus Christ, amen. 

Black Thursday Shopping! I probably wont do it again. We went for the Legos. 1600 pieces for $30 they were gone in less that 60 secs. I was second in line and didnt even get one. The people behind had totally pushed us out of the way and were reaching over our backs. It was crazy. Luckily there were people there that grabbed one for me. 

Happy birthday grandma bird! 

Tarien paying tithing for the first time.

Being in the bishopric is hard and tiring.