Garrison Funnies

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Scratching Uncle Mickeys back with Tarien new Sais. Because why not!

 This boy can finally ride a bike. He just wanted ready until now I guess. Although after he learned he told me that he had known how to ride a bike for a long time now.

 Kaiden is getting so good on the balance bike. It wont be long now when he can ride his own pedal bike. Maybe his next bday he can get a bike.

 General Conference weekend!!! My kids and I love it. We build lego temples eat lots of treats. We all get a treat everytime we hear them talk about a gospel principle or doctrine. It has helped my kids pay attention to well to conference.

 Sarah did a fish braid in my hair.
 Drawing with Daddy.
 More drawing

 We went to this beautiful trail a few miles away from our house. We went just as the sun was setting. Really beautiful! On the way back to the car lightening started striking so we all sprinted alittle bit faster to the safety of the van.

 Look at this beautiful bright rainbow!

 Girls weekend!!!! I look forward to this all year! I love these ladies and love getting to know them even better each time we spend time together!

 I sent this to my hubby. I needed to make sure he missed me while I was gone. =)
 Tarien and I have been working on letter sounds and he has then been right the sound that we work on. He started writing in block letters. This kid amazes me!

 Garrison is so awesome! During the book fair they challeneged the kids to read 100 mins from Monday - Thursday. I told him it would be hard work but worth it. He wont the drawing and picked out this awesome picture. He wanted me to show his Uncle Andy.
 Garrison is playing basketball again this year. He is really awesome at defense. I am really proud of him for playing and having fun.

 Dallin had to go to Chicago for a week so before he went we made Saturday a family day and we all went to Scheels. We practiced shooting and driving in super big trucks and riding the ferris wheel which at times was a bit scary. We had a great day!

 Every Sunday we try to make a game day. We spend the day playing games and sleeping. Garrison, Sarah and I played , Dont Go To Jail. My best friend Rachel bought this for me when we were like 11. It was fun playing again with Garrison.
 While Dallin was away it was the kids fall break. So I let them campout in my room with me. We stayed up late watching cartoons and slept in, kindof.

 Kaiden loves being nice to Thalia and feeding her fruit snacks. I hope she will one day love him as much as he loves her.
 We went to Pizza Pie Cafe after we picked Dallin up from the airport. He was showing Garrison a magic trick. The boys all thought it was amazing!