Garrison Funnies

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Novelties

David and Sherri surprised us this Thanksgiving by secretly flying into Salt Lake then sent us some clues that we had to figure out. We ended up in a restaurant and found David and Sherri hiding in a corner. It was a great surprise. Then they had one more surprise for us. They bought us all tickets to a Manhattan Steam Christmas Musical. It was awesome!

Sherri and I had to go do some shopping for dinner and when we came back Ryan and Adrienne had surprised us. They drove down and surprised us. It was a great Thanksgiving!

It's Fhe! Here are some quotes from tarien about Jesus. 
"The laminates killed Jesus. "
" When Jesus came to life again he wasn't a Jew anymore. "
I love listening to Tarien when he talks. You neve know what you are going to hear. 😂

I turned my back on him for 1 min. This was after his own bath. 

Tariens prayer tonight

Heavenly Father,
  Thank you for letting us feel the spirit today. Thank you for letting us be respectable to the Father and thank you for letting us be respectable to our Father and Thank you that Jesus died. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Last night he said help us to be more respectable to the Lamanites. I started laughing. 

I sure really love this guy right now=)