Garrison Funnies

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Fun!

Garrison and I went to the Provo City Temple open house. It was so beautiful on the inside.

Tarien Ben and I went on a fieldtrip through their preschool and saw Peter Pan which was awesome because we just finished reading the book. It was very entertaining.

Valentines day. Heart pancakes for breakfast.

A few days before I went to the dollar store and found little sticky letter notes. So everyone has one which starts with the letter of their first name. Then we all wrote notes to each other. On valentines morning I set all the notes out that let them to their valentines surprise. It was great reading all the notes.

What a great place to nap. I couldnt open the door all the way. Needles to say this nap didnt last that long. Obviously the most comfortable place to nap is in the dirty clothes basket. Hardest thing I did all day was not move him. I still want to... Haha