Garrison Funnies

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Before Kaiden

 Playing in the garden unsupervised....=(

Firestation field trip. The fireman let they kids try to pick up a tool they use to tear apart cars. They also played in the garden today watering all the dirt. :-) 

 The jaws of life. They were so heavy.

 They love to wrestle with daddy.
 They love love love playing with the vacuum  hose and pretending it is a firehose. Just putting all the fires out. :-) 

 We went to a bouncy house a few days before Kaiden was born. Our last hoorah! Cleaned the house and then went and had some fun! They were so tired and thirsty afterward. Tarien just liked to run into the walls and Garrison was jumping off this ledge into a foam pit and going down slides. He was so happy!

 That is the look of pure joy!

I woke up the next morning and as an April fools joke google had added David Hasselhoff to some of the pictures from the bouncy house. This was just to funny not to add.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just another day

 Tarien loves his accessories

 Garrison can fall asleep anywhere.

 They love playing at Aunt Merrilee's house.

 My little construction worker.
 They love doing yard work

 We had an FHE about the armor of God. Of course I have no pictures with them in the outfits

 Tarien had to make a few phone calls while looking for the sheep. I believe he was calling Grandma.

 Preschool fun.

 The boys were afraid to get their hair cut so Dallin let them use the clippers on him.

 One day he will fill daddys shoes.

 I found this on pinterest. It was so fun. It was apples and oranges and we made the bananas look like dolpins.