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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The most wonderful time of year!

 The other boys chickened out.
 I found some girlie colored legos amoungst the boys legos and spent a Sunday afternoon building with the boys. It was one of the best Sundays we have had together.

 Lego Dallin and Lego Katie. They are so inlove.
 Tarien loved playing with me and my legos.

 Kaiden loves doing chores with us. Everytime we clean the bathroom Kaidens chore is the bathtub. I give him a wipe and he picks up his toys and then wipes down the bathtub.

 Tarien and his best buddy Bo. He was trying to explain to Bo how to play Key to the Kingdom.
 Dad came home from Poland. The boys were so excited to have him back.

 Tarien loves to dress up. He also loves when I take a picture of him when he is dressed up.

 Ward Christmas party and the boys did a great job singing their Christmas songs.

 I finally convinced the kids to sit with Santa. Kaiden did it for the candy.  The Santa was really sweet and the boys loved him.

 These are the songs that we sang for our Christmas program on Christmas Day. They were intense but amazingly beautiful!

 Gingerbread house with the kids. They really enjoyed decorating the gingerbread house and Kaiden enjoyed eating all the candy on the gingerbread house.

 He was being really pouty and all these selfies really cheered him up.

 The kids school choir concert. Tarien sang a song called Every Turkey can Tango. He didnt enjoy singing in front of the whole school. He felt like everyone was laughing at him. He was just so cute while he sang. Garrison loved singing in front of everyone.
 The boys got new pajamas for Christmas. They were so happy they all tackled each other.

 Christmas day pictures.
 I made this gift for Dallin. Its called the beard apron. Now he can save and throw his beard hairs in the garbage can. I love it!

 The kids loved this Christmas and everything they got. They said thank you and played with everything they got. It was relaxing and great and I wish that we could have more days like that.

 After all of the lego sets were finished we had to document it. It only took us 2 days to finish all of them.

 It wouldnt be Christmas if someone didnt get sick. He got sick just after Christmas. He only threw up water and it was the weirdest thing ever but at noon he woke up and ate everything in site.
 My sister did my hair again. Sure love having her home with us.
 Garrison loved his gift form Grandma Bird and started working on it right away. He found some pretty rocks and also made his volcano.
Garrison loves anything army. He used some of his allowance to buy this hat. Walmart was also having an awesome sale on clothes so it just so happens that he got some new clothes and they were army clothes. He asked me to take this pictures to send to his Uncle Andy.

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