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Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy New Year!!

For Christmas we got Jake and Misty this funny googilly eye game. You were these glasses and then try to draw a picture with the glasses on. It was pretty fun watching everyone try. 

 Walmart had a super awesome sale on clothes so I got Kaiden some matching army clothes like Garrisons. He also just has one of the best smiles you will ever see! I love this boy!

 Tarien loves dressing up and being sassy.

 This boy loves crackers. He also liked wearing my hat and my jacket.

 I bought myself a lego set so that I could play with the boys.
 The boys had a thing through the elementary school to go to the fun center. We just used our pass of all passes and went to Trafalga instead and played some laser tag and went on the rides. It was way less crowded and free!

 Drawing with dad. the boys watched a youtube video about how to draw optimus prime. When I told them that dad was really good at drawing they didnt believe me so then I had dallin draw an Optimus Prime for them. They were really impressed even if it was different than the youtube video they watched.
 The boys have started Brazilian JuJitsu. So far they are loving it. I really like how it teaches you to defend yourself. They have learned alot of things and its awesome to see them excell in something.

 This boy lost his first tooth on our way out the door to school this morning. It was a cray morning!
 Moms never get many pictures. Evey now and then I have to insert a picture of me. Also I sent this to Dallin when he was out of town on business because he loves when I wear hats.

 Sorry time. These boys are great at apologizing and hugging it out after they hurt each other. I do love watching them learn how to be kind to each other.

Craziest date ever. We had a babysitter and all ready to head out to spend some time together when Amber called and said she rolled her ankle at her son's Bday party. They were at a trampoline place. We drove down to provo. I carried her on my back out to her car. Drove her home. Then Dallin came and picked me up. We ordered Thai food to go and snuck into burger king and ate it. We got a treat at burger king and the workers name was The Dark Lord Satan. So that was nice. 

 Playing battleship with my boys. They enjoy playing this game a lot.
I made green pancakes. HEHEHEHE Lots of spinach and broccali and they never knew!!!

 This was a model home that we walked through so Kaiden thought that sitting on the lion statue was the best course of action.

 I have been avoiding working with Kaiden to potty train. Secretly I am hoping he just figures it out like Tarien did. Who knows????

 I was helping the boys clean one morning and dropped some towels off in the bathrooom then I walked into the boys room. About 5 mins later I heard the sink on in the bathroom. When I came in water was gushing everywhere. Kaiden had climbed up on the sink and had plugged the sink. So i had to dry everything off and tear up the carpet to dry the pad. I can't believe how much damage can be done in so little time.

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